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Italian sailors took control of a drifting cargo ship with more than 450 refugees on board.  The crew had abandoned the ship and set it on autopilot toward the Italian coast.  The traffickers likely made about $1 million from the refugees who are now being cared for by Italy.  The plight of the refugees is tragic evidence of the desperation of many to leave their homes for a better life and the utter callousness of the traffickers who take the money but no responsibility.  The ship was registered in Moldova which is curious given Moldova’s location (a completely landlocked country).

The conflict in Nigeria continues as Boko Haram manages to conduct more kidnappings and bombings.  The roots of the conflict between the Muslim north and the Christian south are long-standing and stem from a British colonial decision to merge Northern Nigeria with Southern Nigeria in 1914 for essentially economic reasons.  Prior to the merger, the two regions had been separate and governed by separate administrations.  The merger brought about the difficulty of ruling the two groups through a single government:  not an impossible task, but one that gave advantages to the richer southern region.

Northern and Southern Nigeria in 1914


Those of you who have been in my classes know how much I love music, largely because it is something that genuinely transcends all the things that cause conflict in the world.  But I never thought I would hear the Red Army Choir singing “Happy.”  Now I know peace is possible.



I am off for a vacation for two weeks (US Virgin Islands) so posts will likely be sporadic.  Keep smiling and be happy.


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