17 December 2014   Leave a comment

After more than 50 years, the US has finally agreed to restore ties to Cuba.  It is safe to say that the embargo placed on Cuba by the US to undermine the regime of Fidel Castro was probably the most futile policy ever implemented.  The reluctance of the US to admit failure, even as some of its most loyal allies (Canada and Mexico) ignored the embargo, was a profound embarrassment. While only the US Congress can fully lift the embargo, President Obama deserves a lot of credit for the decision to restore relations.

Bloomberg News surveyed a number of foreign policy experts and asked them what potential scenarios for 2015 worried them the most.  The list of possible problems is truly depressing.  What is most likely, however, is that the issue that will concern us the most next year is probably not on this list.

Many of the signatories to the Fourth Geneva Convention which outlines the responsibilities of an occupying power after a war has occurred met in Geneva and issued a consensus ruling that Israeli policies in the Occupied Territories violates the Convention.   Israel, the US, Australia, and Canada did not participate in the meeting.  The ruling will likely have no effect, but it comes as there is a movement in the UN Security Council to set a time limit on resolving the Israeli-Palestinian dispute.


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