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In May 2011 the Russian geostationary weather satellite took some amazing photographs of the earth and they have been processed into an extraordinary video.  See the earth in all its beauty and complexity:



The Japanese economy has recently dipped back into a recession (negative economic growth).  But the Japanese economy has preformed poorly for at least twenty years.  The new Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, has tried a variety of techniques to stimulate the economy, but those efforts have failed.  Unusually, Abe has called for new Parliamentary elections even though he is not required to do so until 2016.  Abe clearly wishes to get a mandate from the electorate, but it’s not clear what he plans to do with it.  The Japanese economy clearly requires some extra push.

Many Americans interpret extreme weather events and natural disasters as signs of what some religions regard as “the End Time” or the apocalypse. This religious interpretation of extreme events has the effect of undermining public policy measures since they are viewed as beyond human control.  According to the Public Religion Research Institute:

“As of 2014, it’s estimated that nearly half of Americans—49 percent—say natural disasters are a sign of “the end times,” as described in the Bible. That’s up from an estimated 44 percent in 2011.”

Not all religions were included in the study, so it is difficult to make generalizations from the study.  But the breakdown of the religions is shown in the chart below.


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