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Beppe Grillo is the leader of the Five Star Movement in Italy.  Grillo is a one-time comedian who organized the political party to protest against the corrupt and staid politics that have characterized Italian politics for many years (in 2007 he proposed the idea of Vaffanculo Day [Fuck you Day]).  No one gave him a chance, but the Five Star Movement is the second largest party in the Italian Parliament right now.  He is now proposing that Italy drop the euro and he has declared that the European Central Bank is the most serious enemy of Europe.  The BBC has a video of his comments.   Listening to him will give one an idea of how deeply the eurosceptic movement has penetrated European politics.

Forbes magazine is hardly a bastion of progressive thought, and it has recently run an article on how the US military is taking the issue of climate change very seriously.  The quotations from very high-ranking US military officials clearly indicates that the military is way ahead of the US Congress on the issue of climate change.  Whether the military can persuade the Congress to take the issue more seriously remains to be seen.

Protests in Mexico are spreading rapidly as more information comes to light about the murder of the 43 student teachers.  Protests are sensitive matters in Mexico because of the bloody repression of student protests in 1968.  The year 1968 saw student protests all over the world, but the way the Mexican government killed many students on 2 October 1968 in Tlatelolco was exceptionally violent and changed the character of Mexican politics in dramatic ways, particularly in terms of the role of women in politics.  The Mexican government will likely try very hard to avoid a repeat of that disaster.


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