9 November 2014   Leave a comment

Voters in the Catalonia area of Spain are voting today to declare whether they wish Catalonia to become an independent nation-state.  The referendum is not binding since Spain’s constitution–unlike the United Kingdom–does not permit secession.  But the vote will have symbolic significance and a strong pro-independence vote would undoubtedly precipitate a political crisis in Spain.

Armistice Day is 11 November.  It is the day that most of the world celebrates the end of World War I (in the US, the holiday is called Veterans Day).  In England, a monumental exhibition entitled “Blood Swept Lands And Seas of Red” has become a very moving tribute to the 888,246 Commonwealth soldiers that died in the war.   A ceramic poppy has been planted for everyone of those soldiers around the Tower of London.  The exhibition was designed by Paul Cummins, a 37-year-old ceramic artist, and more than 18,000 people have volunteered to plant the poppies.

The case of the missing 43 student teachers in Mexico has seen more twists and turns.  The most recent revelations include the assertion that the students, who were on their way to support striking teachers in the city of Iguala, were killed by members of a drug cartel.  In addition, the government has determined that Municipal Police in Iguala had arrested the students and handed them over to the cartel.  After the students were murdered, their bodies were incinerated in the town rubbish dump.  Large protests have broken out in Mexico, condemning the behavior of the government in the whole sordid affair.


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