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The world is depleting its underground water aquifers at an alarming rate.  New research indicates that virtually every major source of groundwater is being depleted at rates that make the replenishment of the aquifers impossible.  The aquifers tudies are the California’s Central Valley aquifer, the southern portion of the High Plains Aquifer in the U.S. Midwest, the North China Plains aquifer, an aquifer in northwestern India, an aquifer in the northern Middle East, Australia’s Canning Basin and the Guarani aquifer in central South America.  Aquifers are notoriously difficult to measure, and the new research used satellite data to show how ground levels have increased as a result of underground water depletion.

Storage declines in major aquifers chart

A suicide bomber killed 54 people at the Wagah border crossing between India and Pakistan.  The explosion occurred on the outskirts of Lahore, and it is not clear what the attack signals.  Some believe that the bombing was timed to attack Shiites celebrating Ashura, a 10-day ritual to commemorate the death of Imam Hussain, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad.  Militant Sunni Muslims consider the Shias to be heretical Muslims.  The bombing, however, could signal the rise of tensions between India and Pakistan.

Britain and Germany are on a collision course on European Union migration policy.  The free movement of labor is one of the essential four freedoms of the Union: the free movement of people, goods, services and capital.  The British government, however, is feeling a great deal of political pressure on the issue of immigration, and British Prime Minister David Cameron wishes to restrict migration from EU countries.  German Chancellor Angela Merkel is adamantly opposed to the violation of EU policy.  We will have to see which side blinks first.  Given the growing strength of the United Kingdom Independence Party, which is pushing for a British exit from the EU, is is likely that Cameron will be reluctant to concede to EU policy.


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