27 October 2014   Leave a comment

One of the most interesting dynamics of the conflict in Syria and Iraq is the confluence of interests between the US and Iran.  Neither side has openly admitted this mutuality of interests, but both sides are acting in ways that reinforce the other.  It remains to be seen whether the threat posed by the Islamic State forces the two sides to work together in a more coordinated and open manner.

The Nidaa Tounes party in Tunisia has won a plurality of seats in the recent Parliamentary elections.  The vote is significant since the first rumbles of the Arab Spring in January 2011 began in Tunisia, and there has been a strong push by the Islamist party, Ennahda.  The victory by Nidaa Tounes, a secular party, suggests that the turmoil in the Arab world does not lead inevitably to an Islamist outcome.   The election was peaceful and held without any incidents.

The last British and American troops in Afghanistan left the country today.  They left Helmand Province, the site of the worst fighting between NATO and Taliban forces.  Some NATO forces will remain in Afghanistan but only in a training capacity.  In addition, NATO will leave substantial military equipment in Afghanistan, although one hopes that the equipment in Afghanistan will be more closely guarded that the military equipment left in Iraq, much of which has been stolen by the Islamic State.


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