20 October 2014   2 comments

Turkey has changed its policy toward aiding the Kurdish people against the Islamic State.  It has announced that it is willing to allow the Iraqi Kurds to use Turkish territory to fight the IS.  The decision is a curious one: it will allow the Iraqi Kurds, but not the Syrian or Turkish Kurds to be resupplied by the US.  The Iraqi Kurds are regarded as politically different from the Kurds that have been fighting for greater autonomy in Turkish politics.   The characterization is probably an accurate one at this point in time, but one cannot help but believe that the war against the IS will undoubtedly remind all Kurds of their common interests.   One suspects that intense US pressure on Turkey–not the fine distinctions between the different Kurdish groups–is the principal reason for the change in policy.

If you wish to see a Kurdish parody of the IS that appeared on television, go to this link which is maintained by the Middle East Media Research Institute:


Deforestation is a serious global environmental problem.  The number of forests that have been eliminated due to industrialization has been staggering, and there are only three tropical rainforests left in the world: in Brazil, in Central Africa, and in Indonesia.  Brazil has launched a major effort to stop the process of deforestation, and it has been relatively successful.  However, its rate of deforestation is beginning to rise and the country needs to rethink and recalibrate its efforts to preserve its rainforest.

Iran has set a deadline of 24 November to secure a deal with the P5+1 on the issue of its nuclear program.  It was reported today that Iran has taken steps to further comply with some of the conditions established to obtain a deal.  It has diluted part of its refined uranium stocks to the level of 2% enriched uranium, a level far below that necessary to build an atomic bomb (which requires enrichment of about 95% to start a chain reaction).  The move is a sign that Iran is eager to make a deal, but it remains to be seen whether the P5+1 will be satisfied with the progress.



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  1. This story from today’s NPR Morning News might be helpful to clear the number of questions about Kurdish relations that some have had in class. It gives a very clear and condensed history:



  2. Thanks for the link. The story is excellent–great information.


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