8 October 2014   Leave a comment

One of the curious elements of the US’s move to create a coalition against the Islamic State is the unwillingness of some of its allies to move forcefully against the group.  No where is this more apparent than in the case of Turkey.  Turkey has a great deal to fear from the establishment of a Caliphate in Syria and Iraq. As a Muslim country that also claims to have a secular authority, Turkey should be very concerned about how the Islamic State might affect Turkish politics. Yet the Turkish fear of arming the Kurds, is holding the country back from its clear national interest.   It appears as if Turkey is waiting for the IS to destroy much of the Kurdish population before it is willing to take a stand.  Needless to say, the Turkish Kurds do not take this position kindly.

The Occupy Central movement in Hong Kong is at a critical turning point.  Support for the protests is waning, yet it is far from clear that the objectives of the group will be satisfied.  A change in tactics is clearly necessary, but it is difficult to see how the movement should change in order to keep its objectives visible to the larger Chinese population.

India and Pakistan are exchanging fire in the disputed area of Kashmir, and the violence seems to be greater than it has been for nearly a decade.  There is always instability along the Line of Control in Kashmir, but recently both sides seem to be adopting a more confrontational stance.   Civilians are fleeing the region in an attempt to obtain safety, but there does not seem to be a desire on the part of either side to resolve this crisis quickly.


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