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For those in the class who wish to follow the protests in Hong Kong, the Occupy Central Secretariat (author is unknown) is maintaining an English blog and a Twitter feed.  I won’t be asking any questions about these sites, but though that many of you might be interested in getting first-hand information even though the reports may not be entirely accurate.

Mexican authorities have recovered the remains of at least 34 bodies believed to be those of students who went to the city of Iguala to protest in support of striking teachers.  The remains were found in mass graces, and the students are believed to have been executed by rogue police associated with drug cartel thugs.  Gang-related violence has been a serious problem in Mexico and although Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto has made some progress in addressing the scourge, obviously much more needs to be done.

Map of Mexico

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu gave and interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria and in it, he responded to those who support a Palestinian state.  His comments suggested that a future Palestinian state would need to be very different from the traditional nation-state.  Specifically, Netanyahu argued that full sovereignty could never be held by a Palestinian state because of the threat a fully sovereign state would pose to Israeli security.  The comments were intriguing because Netanyahu did not reject outright a possible Palestinian state.

Troops from the African Union and Somalia have taken control of the city of Barawe, a port city Al Shabab has held since 2006.  If those forces can retain control of the city,  the move will deprive the Al Shabab militants of access to the sea and relieve pressure on the capital city of Mogadishu.  The militant group is still in control of a great deal of Somalian territory, but it appears as if opposition to the Islamic group is becoming better organized and more durable.


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  1. More information on the global efforts towards the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone:



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