2 October 2014   3 comments

The People’s Daily, the official media organ of the Chinese Communist Party has published an editorial that states its position on the protests in Hong Kong.  As far as I can tell, this is the first official pronouncement that addresses the protests in terms that suggest their significance.  The editorial states clearly the position of the Beijing government:

“The central government must firmly support the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in taking resolute action against radical activities, including drawing the red line of Hong Kong’s rule of law. It must be made clear that there is no uncertainty over political reform in Hong Kong.”

At this point, it seems as if the central government is going to wait out the protesters, hoping that the people of Hong Kong will ultimately turn on the protesters as their activities disrupt the daily lives of many.  The newspaper has also published the Beijing government’s official position on the issue of elections in Hong Kong.  (I will not ask any questions on the official document on the quiz).

The Economist has published a fascinating essay on the changing relationship between work and wealth.  Essentially, the essay argues that the digital revolution has created opportunities to create great wealth but with little demand for labor.  The troubling aspect of this transformation is that with fewer workers, there is the danger that a highly productive economy can develop without  creating a robust consumer class to purchase the goods produced.  The key to market capitalism is the key relationship between workers and consumers.  Without sufficient consumers, mass markets likely cannot exist.

The Pew Research Center has a News IQ test which yielded very depressing results.  It is a short, 12-question quiz that was given to 1,002 randomly selected adults.  Apparently, the US population is about as well-informed as a demented gopher.  Test your own knowledge base.


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  1. My curiosity about what demented gophers know or don’t know in this case got the better of me so I took the quiz. I got 10/12. I missed the one about living at or below the poverty level, I thought it was a little higher than the correct answer and I missed the one on where the US spends most. I’m smarter than the average gopher 🙂


  2. Whew – 11 out of 12 correct on the quiz. I’d like to know how I compare to students in Vinnie’s class – any stats?


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