24 September 2014   2 comments

The Islamic State asserts that its principles are derived from Islam, although most Muslims would strongly differ.  The interpretation of Islam most closely associated with the Islamic State comes from the teachings of an Islamic scholar, Muhammed ibn Abd al-Wahhab, who lived in the Saudi peninsula in the 18th century and whose doctrine has come to be known as Wahhabism.  Wahhabism is the dominant interpretation of Islam in Saudi Arabia, and was a source of inspiration to Osama bin Laden, the founder of al Qaeda.  The linkage between the terrorist groups and the Saudi Arabian monarchy is a serious problem for the Saudi government which likely explains Saudi participation in the coalition in the air strikes against the Islamic State.

Muhammad ibn Abd al Wahhab


Nigerian authorities are claiming an important victory over forces supporting Boko Haram in the northeast town of Biu.  The military has been trying for several years to get control of the northeastern part of the country, and this incident is a solid sign of progress.  The death of the leader of this militant group (whether for real, or of the stand-in for the leader) is likely an important psychological blow.  We’ll see if the Nigerian government can follow through.


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  1. I believe that the New York Times article below outlining the working of ISIS would be of help to many students, as I have found it quite helpful myself:



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