19 September 2014   Leave a comment

By a 55-45 percentage margin, Scottish voters have voted to remain part of the United Kingdom.  It is a decisive margin, and a triumph for democratic procedures (most secessionist movements are distinctly violent).  The result, however, does not mean that things will remain the same.  In order to avoid a “yes” vote for independence, the British government made significant promises toward greater autonomy for all parts of the United Kingdom.  Thus, it is likely that Scotland, Wales, England, and Northern Ireland will all demand great powers over questions of taxation and spending.  The only areas likely to be untouched by the autonomy changes will be in the arenas of foreign and defense policy.

German Muslims united to show their disdain for the Islamic State.  There are about 4 million German Muslims and authorities estimate that about 400 German Muslims have left to join the Islamic State.   The vast majority of German Muslims do not regard the “Islamic State” as Islamic since its behavior contravenes the precepts of Islam.  It is unfortunate that demonstrations of this sort are rarely mentioned in the American media, since the protests are a more accurate index of Muslim attitudes in the world.

The recent visit by Chinese President Xi to India was highlighted by  extensive economic talks and agreements.  On the surface, it appeared as if Prime Minister Modi and President Xi got along very well.  There are, however, some deeper rifts between the two countries, not the least of which is a long history of territorial competition.  The economic ties are mutually beneficial, but unlikely to override the great power rivalries between the two emerging powers.


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