8 September 2014   Leave a comment

Polls indicate that Scottish nation may vote to secede from the state of the United Kingdom, and economic markets with exposure to Scottish investments dropped precipitously on the news.  Investors do not believe that Scotland can survive as an independent state, and pulled their money out those investments.  The tension between the political drive for independence and sovereignty and the economic drive for globalized markets is very obvious in this situation.  As the news settles in on Scottish voters, we shall have to see whether the economic imperative overrides the political sentiment.

The World Health Organization is warning that Liberia may experience a dramatic increase in the number of Ebola virus cases.   Liberia already accounts for over half of all the deaths from the virus in the West African outbreak, and the medical infrastructure is already almost completely broken to deal with the crisis.  I have a personal, as well as humanitarian, interest in this horrible situation:  one of my college roommates serves with Doctors without Borders and is currently in Monrovia, Liberia helping to set up hospital facilities for those infected with the virus.

Monsoonal rains have devastated areas of Kashmir, an area in South Asia claimed by both India and Pakistan and a source of incredible tension between the two states since the time of partition in 1947.  Despite recent fighting in the province, both India and Pakistan have decided to work together to alleviate the misery caused by the intense flooding.   One should not expect too much from this limited cooperation, but any attempt at conciliation is to be welcomed.


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