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James Baldwin was one of the great American novelists, and he wrote a short essay on politics between Israel and the Palestinians that originally appeared in the September 29, 1979, issue of The Nation.  Baldwin ties together the struggle of African-Americans in the United States with the legacies of colonialism and slavery.  In the essay he makes a clear and sharp link between civil rights and anti-semitism, but also distinguishes support for Jews from support for Israel.  It is an elegant and insightful essay, well worth reading today.

John Oliver is a brilliant comedian, and many of you have likely already seen this video clip of his take on income inequality in the US.  But if not, it is a must-see.

The Israeli newspaper, Ha’aretz, obtained a copy of the proposal made by US Secretary of State for a truce proposal that was unanimously rejected by the Israeli Cabinet.  Apparently, the proposal was made with the active participation of Qatar and Turkey and only limited participation by Egypt and the Palestinian Authority.  The proposal marks a very sharp move from previous US positions, but contains some very promising changes:

“According to the text, “the Palestinian factions” and the State of Israel would make three commitments:

a) Establish a humanitarian cease-fire, ending all hostilities in and from the Gaza Strip, beginning in 48 hours, and lasting for a period of seven days

b) Build on the Cairo cease-fire understandings of November 2012 [that were reached, through American and Egyptian mediation, following Operation Pillar of Defense]

c) Convene in Cairo, at the invitation of Egypt, within 48 hours to negotiate resolution of all issues necessary to achieve a sustainable cease-fire and enduring solution to the crisis in Gaza, including arrangements to secure the opening of crossings, allow the entry of goods and people and ensure the social and economic livelihood of the Palestinian people living in Gaza, transfer funds to Gaza for the payment of salaries for public employees, and address all security issues.”

It is easy to understand why Israel rejected the proposal, but it injects a more real assessment of the issues that need to be resolved for a peace to endure.

The Associated Press has published a very detailed accounting of the shoot-down of the Malaysian airliner.  The evidence and interviews in the report seem to prove that the Russian separatists did indeed shoot down the plane, although they believed that it was a Ukrainian military transport.   One of the fascinating aspects of the report was that the anti-aircraft missile was fired by “a rebel unit, about half of which was made up of men from far eastern Russia, many from the island of Sakhalin off Russia’s Pacific coast.”  Sakhalin is 4,200 miles away from the Ukrainian border, which suggests some complicity on the part of the Russian government.



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